Shapiro Credit Union Grants

To submit your grant applications, print, then email adobelogo Grant Application (contact info on application).

  • General Purpose Grant
    The Shapiro Group offers up to $1,500 for products/services and miscellaneous credit union needs excluding ongoing expenses that do not fit in other grant categories.
  • Advocacy Expense Grant
    Shapiro Group offers up to $2,000 to help Shapiro credit unions offset credit union advocacy expenses. 
  • Technology Grant
    Shapiro Technology Grant is available to assist Shapiro credit unions purchase up-to-date computers, upgrade existing systems, buy software and to get connected to the Internet. Maximum allowable benefit is up to $5,000, every other year. 
    Note: This grant is only available every other year. CUs that received a 2021 grant, are not eligible in 2022.
  • Education Grant
    Shapiro Education grant offers up to $2,000 to help Shapiro credit unions offset educational expenses. This grant may also be used to purchase a Power Learner Passport (PLP) annual subscription to online eTrain webinars provided by the Leagues. 
  • Marketing/Public Awareness Grant
    Shapiro Marketing grant offers up to $2,500 to Shapiro credit unions to help offset costs associated with marketing and public awareness.
    Note: The grant amount will cover up to half the costs of the marketing/public awareness expenditure.
  • Planning Grant /ALM Grant
    Shapiro Planning/ALM grant offers up to $2,500 to help Shapiro credit unions with strategic and/or scenario planning sessions and to help purchase Asset Liability Management software tools.

These guidelines are subject to modification at any time and are contingent upon the availability of funds. All grant requests must be submitted on or before November 30 for 2022 funds. All grant requests after November 30 will be considered for the following year. General Purpose Grants and Education grants will be accepted on or before December 30. Approved grant funds are available for 3 months, and funds will be distributed after submission of receipts/proof of purchase.

  • The maximum annual, individual, credit union grant funding is limited to $4,000, except for the year’s in which a Technology grant is awarded. CECL Education grants are excluded from the maximum. The maximum grant funding for Technology grants is limited to $5,000 every other year and is considered the total grant funding for the year.
  • Credit unions must fall within the ratios noted below. Credit unions outside of these ratios will still be considered subject to further review by the grant committee, and additional documentation will be requested. Credit union financials will be pulled directly from NCUA and ASI.

    Under $10 Million in Assets 6.5% to 21% 95%
    $11 to $24 Million in Assets 6.5% to 19% 95%
    More than $25 Million in Assets 6.5% to 14% 85%
  • By submitting this grant application, you agree to make a cash donation of 10% of the grant amount funded to the Shapiro Group within 12 months and agree to provide a statement of benefit upon request.
  • By submitting this grant application, you agree you are a member of the League and are not at risk of, nor seeking a merger within the next 18 months.