McCarter LaBorde: ‘Be Part of Our Global Learning Journey’

World Council of Credit Unions President and CEO Elissa McCarter LaBorde.
World Council of Credit Unions President and CEO Elissa McCarter LaBorde.

World Council of Credit Unions President and CEO Elissa McCarter LaBorde opened the general session at REACH 2022 on Thursday in Palm Desert, CA, reminding industry leaders and attendees they are part of a global system of 393 credit union members across 118 countries.

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“Think about that for a minute,” McCarter LaBorde said during the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues’ annual conference. “Think about how we can deliver better products and services to people all over the world in a fair way that’s affordable and drives financial inclusion to the underserved, rural communities, and small towns. That is the credit union business model at its best.”

Credit union leaders should consider the global experience, she said. Credit unions are called by different names in different global markets, but they are all cooperatives with the same principle of member-owners and democratic control, investing back into their local communities. It’s a “really powerful business model in today’s time of crisis and potential economic upheaval,” McCarter LaBorde said.

Two points she wanted to get across were: In the United States, there’s a wealth of activities that credit unions are doing that everyone can learn from across the world. Second, it takes “strength in numbers” to drive policy changes and reduce regulatory burdens across the globe — “so we need to measure this impact in aggregate,” she said.

“In my first year at World Council, I’ve seen so many examples of credit unions that are deep into engaging their communities and serving younger members — and getting the next generation to understand what credit unions are all about,” she said. “The areas we need to define in the future for products and services, we can build resilience there. And other credit unions are building tools to mitigate risk and adapt to changes in the climate. The fact is: we are being disrupted, and your members need the education and tools to weather shocks that are happening on a much more frequent basis.”

She hammered home the point that credit unions need to collaborate positively in aggregate to drive the collective experience around the world, where policy decisions can be influenced on a global scale.

“We are an essential provider within the financial system,” McCarter LaBorde said. “Engage with us at the World Council. Be a part of our global learning journey, be part of the movement, and help us drive change in a way that works for all of our members across the world.”

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