Tech Firm WithClutch Partners with ViClarity for Credit Unions


WithClutch, a technology company focused on building digital experiences for credit unions, is partnering with ViClarity — a global provider of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) technology and regulatory and compliance consulting solutions — for credit unions.

ViClarity’s experienced compliance experts assist with the review of policies, procedures, documents, disclosures and marketing materials to ensure they are aligned with federal laws and regulations governing the credit union industry. ViClarity is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues, servicing League-member credit unions and others within the credit union industry.

“We’re proud to share our expertise with the WithClutch team as they bring creative FinTech solutions to the credit union space,” said Darron Dunn, chief services officer for ViClarity. “It’s exciting to see the expanded services and loan origination growth that’s possible for these organizations.”

The foundations of the credit union space are built on relationships and trust. When helping credit unions in their digital transformation, "crossing the Ts and dotting the Is," so to speak, around compliance is a non-negotiable.

WithClutch CEO Nicholas Hinrichsen noted that "Always Do the Right Thing" is one of the fintech company's core values. “We’re turning credit unions into fintechs," Hinrichsen said. "By building cutting-edge technology, we must not lose sight of governance, risk and compliance. ViClarity has been a great partner to help us to ‘Always Do the Right Thing’ and help us help our clients.”

In July, ViClarity's board of directors and CEO met with senior management stationed out of the company’s Tralee, Ireland office to foster a dialogue on the forward-looking needs of credit unions in governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) and related technologies. The needs of all types of credit unions are evolving, and ViClarity is staying ahead of those needs with solutions that power GRC for the entire industry.

Oftentimes credit unions forego accessing their legal counsel because the ViClarity's compliance resources provide the answer — quickly and efficiently. Compliance Hotline consultants and other League resources have the expertise to meet credit unions' needs.

Besides being the award-winning reg-tech solution tailored specifically to help credit unions easily manage risk and regulatory compliance, ViClarity also offers legacy PolicyWorks services, including compliance consulting, audit and review, and PolicyAid. CU PolicyPro has more than 200 model policies, and InfoSight offers both federal and state-specific compliance information. In 2022 (January – September), California and Nevada credit unions accessed InfoSight 4,840 times, made 1,735 calls to the Compliance Hotline, and benefitted from CU PolicyPro 1,369 times. Additionally, about 99 credit unions used InfoSight, 175 used the Compliance Hotline, and 128 used CU PolicyPro.

The partnership with WithClutch is just one more step forward in ViClarity's mission to build upong digital experiences for credit unions. In November during the Leagues' REACH 2022 annual conference, the Fintech Showcase featured several seven-minute, fast-paced, highly informative presentations about the latest innovative solutions to move credit unions forward — where a Best of Show Award was awarded to WithClutch. Credit unions leaders joined the conversation during an inspiring showcase, where WithClutch delivered its presentation, and attendee-credit union leaders learned about direct-to-consumer fintech lender approaches so they can outcompete that arena.

ViClarity is an award-winning Leagues-owned provider of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management solutions. A global organization, ViClarity has headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa, and Kerry, Ireland, and provides services for nearly 1,000 clients in a variety of highly regulated industries. The firm’s flagship technology is a centralized platform that supplies GRC professionals with real-time access to business intelligence for faster, data-based decision-making.

WithClutch is a technology company focused on building digital experiences for credit unions. The company was started in 2020 by serial entrepreneurs Christopher Coleman and Nicholas Hinrichsen. After graduating from Stanford's Graduate School of Business in 2013, the founders started a digital car retailing company which Carvana acquired in 2017. In 2020, Chris and Nicholas left to start up again. The founders’ mission is to help Americans save billions of dollars on their debt. Andreessen Horowitz, CMFG Ventures and Curql Collective are among the most renowned backers of the entrepreneurs.

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