TV Show Spotlights Wescom CU’s Mission, Values, & History

Wescom CU CEO Darren Williams on "The Balancing Act" television show.
Wescom CU CEO Darren Williams on "The Balancing Act" television show.

Wescom CU was recently featured on The Balancing Act, a Lifetime Television morning show for Southern Californians offering sensible solutions and essential information in a fun and entertaining format to “help people do life better” — featuring legendary TV host Montel Williams and other personalities.

Focusing on the credit union’s values, mission, history and purpose for “all of Southern California,” the show’s segment on Wescom CU (see 6:00 – 12:05 minute mark) gave CEO Darren Williams the opportunity to elaborate on how credit unions offer the same financial products and services as banks, but with a different, competitive, positive member-owned twist.

“We go beyond that, because we’re mutually owned by our members,” Williams said. “And we’re all about providing better economic value back to them. When they open an account at a credit union, they become an owner — a member. We exist solely to serve them.”

Understanding the different banking solutions various institutions offer is especially important in today’s economy, which is why The Balancing Act partnered with Wescom CU to feature the credit union angle and philosophy helping Southern California households with their financial needs.

“Securing one’s financial future is a must, but understanding how to navigate the uphill road ahead is a journey,” the opening segment states. “Fortunately, Wescom Credit Union is teaching its members how to grow by teaching them how to make financial decisions that can change their lives for the better.” The Wescom segment made sure to highlight how member deposits are federally insured.

During his interview, Williams dives into how the credit union was founded in 1934 to stimulate thrift, savings, investment for the future, and access to fair and reasonable credit. Today, Wescom is focused on helping Southern Californians build better lives and helping them financially grow.

“The biggest thing we encourage consumers to do is to select a financial institution that has their own values,” he said.

Ashely White, vice president of partner development for Wescom CU, was also given a spotlight as she discussed “being there for our members at every life stage,” walking them through their banking journey, and closing loans “quickly” so members can fulfill their financial dreams. She mentioned the credit union’s strong partnership with UCLA’s community of students, alumni, and faculty.

She also mentioned how the Wescom Foundation has donated over $3 million to nonprofit partners in Southern California since its founding, as well as additional efforts globally such as supporting Ukrainian relief as the war in Ukraine continues to impact local credit union members and communities.

You can view the recorded segment here! You can also visit The Balancing Act’s YouTube webpage.

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