Leagues SVP of Advocacy Bob Arnould Retires

Bob Arnould, retiring California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues Senior Vice President of Advocacy.

The California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues have announced this morning that long-time team member Bob Arnould, Senior Vice President of Advocacy, will enter retirement today, July 1. Arnould has been a key leader of the Leagues’ advocacy department for almost three decades and has been the driving force behind building a political advocacy program that has become a model for state and national efforts.

“On behalf of the Leagues and our member credit unions, we applaud and thank Bob for his dedication and service to the credit union movement,” said Diana Dykstra, CEO/President of the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues. “Bob brought a sense of purpose and professionalism to everything he did, and his leadership and loyalty has been an inspiration to all.”

It is difficult—if not impossible—to sum up Arnould’s achievements and successes. He started at the Leagues as the Director of State Government Affairs in 1995 and held various positions until his most recent role as Senior Vice President of Advocacy.

His mantra from day one was simple: It is not about you. It is about helping credit unions change people's lives. During his 27-year tenure, he educated and brought credit unions and their members together, establishing the first Government Relations Rally for California and Nevada, which dramatically transformed the Leagues’ influence and engagement. Years later, he would grow a massive $2.5 million war chest in the Public Advocacy Fund, which allowed credit unions to go on the offensive for issues such as data breach notification laws. His vision has brought a reformed value to Leagues membership, and even more so to credit unions.

Additionally, Arnould created numerous programs to cultivate and harness the grassroots strength of credit union members and has been involved in several credit union system committees, including as founding member of the National Advocacy Fund committee.  

Earlier this year, he was the recipient of the 2022 Eugene H. Farley League Leadership Award from the American Association of Credit Union Leagues for his demonstration of visionary leadership at the state and national levels on behalf of credit unions in both states, as well as the Credit Union National Association-League System.

The Leagues will continue to push the credit union agenda, educate lawmakers about credit union issues, and encourage participation in the political process. To build on the foundation Bob has forged and expand its commitment, leadership, and strength at the state and national levels, Jeremy Empol and Robert Wilson have been promoted to Senior Vice President of Federal Government Affairs and Senior Vice President of State Government Affairs, respectively.

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