Ron Menor: 'How Much Advocacy Means' & CU Responsibility

Ron Menor, AVP of Branch Sales and Service for Silver State Schools CU (and Chair of the Nevada Credit Union League's Nevada Southern Chapter),
Ron Menor, AVP of Branch Sales and Service for Silver State Schools CU (and Chair of the Nevada Credit Union League's Nevada Southern Chapter),

Ron Menor, assistant vice president of branch sales and service for Silver State Schools CU in Nevada (and chair of the Nevada Credit Union League's Nevada Southern Chapter), recently attended the Credit Union National Association's (CUNA) 2022 Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) as part of the Crashers program. When he returned, we asked him to share some insights from his experience. 

What was one memorable experience you had?
Being able to Hike the Hill. To take part in being surrounded by representatives from our own respective states who support the credit union and give back to the underbanked and underserved communities. Being the first time in Washington, D.C., as you walk through and around these monumental buildings, it gives you a sense of history and accomplishment that those before us took a stand to make a change. Understanding how much our advocacy means and the responsibility we have to continue the movement is remarkable.

What is something valuable you learned?
DEI – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, this topic was shared many times through different breakout sessions and in conversation with leaders and peers. The workplace is constantly changing, we must learn to be a sponge and adapt to corporate culture, ways we communicate, and how we do our jobs on a daily basis. We must utilize our diverse backgrounds and experiences to use as a stepping stone that will help create fair access, opportunity, and advancement by respectively welcoming different perspectives and individuals to bridge the feeling of sense of belonging, value, and inclusion. 

We all had an opportunity towards the end of the program to describe in one word what we’ve learned from this experience. I said, “reaffirm.” Realizing your contributions and efforts aren’t unnoticed, the passion you display in the work and dedication that goes into serving our members and being able to provide value goes beyond words. Know that you have chief experience officer’s (peers) within reach who are standing side by side with you for encouragement and support to hold you accountable for this mission we’re all in. Even though we’re many, our actions and voices create harmony towards the credit union movement.

Who were you most excited to meet during GAC?
The Crashers. The fact that you had 50+ strangers, who were all emerging credit union leaders in their perspective organization representing diverse roles, experiences, and backgrounds become family, who shared the same passion, drive, and purpose of why we do what we do was extraordinary. Individuals who were encouraging, vulnerable, accepting, loving, inspiring, only meeting for the first time speaks to our purpose of people helping people. #crasherfam

Who do you think should go to GAC?
If you want to be empowered by young like-minded credit union professionals and truly finding and amplifying your voice to advocate for the role of young individuals in the industry, this is for you. Be a good steward for the legacy that was left and be part of a movement that will create an evolution of leadership and culture now and for years to come! “No matter where you stand today, your story isn’t over yet.”

Something everyone should know about your experience.
Always know that there is a Brave Space for each individual no matter who you are. The only way to learn and grow from our mistakes is to acknowledge them and sometimes show humility, to move forward and progress we must also celebrate and recognize opportunities that turn into wins. Be open to vulnerability as this is where creativity, learning, innovation and accountability begin, you’ll create a deeper engagement with yourself and each other. If you ever feel defeated at the end of the day it’s ok to reflect on your losses or opportunities, because know that the next day you remain undefeated and can conquer what lies ahead. There were so many amazing life lessons while reflecting on our purpose that were shared, but this simple quote stuck out to me personally, “NO ONE OWES YOU ANYTHING, YOU OWE YOURSELF EVERYTHING” – Antonio Neves. Only you can determine the path ahead of you and create the bridge to where you want to go. Harness your resources, your connections, hold yourself accountable to where you want to be.

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