CA and NV Leagues Pledge $100K Toward Ukraine Relief Efforts

L-R: SAFE CU CEO Dave Roughton, chairman of the California Credit Union League; and and Clark County CU CEO Matt Kershaw, chairman of the Nevada Credit Union League
L-R: SAFE CU CEO Dave Roughton, chairman of the California Credit Union League; and and Clark County CU CEO Matt Kershaw, chairman of the Nevada Credit Union League

In the spirit of making a difference during a time of global tragedy, the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues has pledged $100,000 toward Ukrainian financial relief efforts to help sustain credit union employees and members who are most in need as the current crisis unravels across that country.

“From thousands of miles away, we stand with our movement and remain committed to supporting Ukraine’s humanitarian plight as local credit unions, staff and members are besieged by a lack of food, water, housing, and other supplies and operational resources,” said Diana Dykstra, president and CEO of the Leagues. “Our trade association’s daily mission to help credit unions change people’s lives is emboldened during times like these, no matter where the devastation is taking place and help is needed.”

The Leagues’ contribution to the Ukrainian Credit Union Displacement Fund will directly support mitigation of both short and long-term impacts to Ukraine's credit union system, including displaced credit union employees, members, and challenges to the country's credit union system over the long term. The California Credit Union League pledged $75,000 and the Nevada Credit Union League pledged $25,000.

The credit union system — including state leagues, industry partners, and locally headquartered credit unions across both states and the nation — has a long history of working together to support communities during disasters at home and abroad. Brought on by war, the current emergency in Ukraine is no different as it affects residents, workers and their families through hardship and isolation.

SAFE CU CEO Dave Roughton and Clark County CU CEO Matt Kershaw, respective chairmen of the California Credit Union League and Nevada Credit Union League, said their boards are honored to participate in such an admirable purpose. They both noted that Ukrainian credit unions and members are enduring a painful and unfortunate period in history, and how credit union leaders will always band together to go above and beyond in assisting their colleagues and peers wherever possible during times of affliction and misfortune.

The displacement fund was recently created by the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions (WFCU) in partnership with the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) to send support to Ukraine's credit union system. World Council is leveraging its global network to identify immediate priority areas where funding can be used.

In addition, multiple California and Nevada credit unions are stepping up to donate to the fund. So far they include California CU, Greater Nevada CU, Patelco CU, SchoolsFirst FCU, SESLOC FCU, Stanford FCU and Yolo FCU (with several others in both states considering doing so). Combined with donations from across the nation, their generosity has helped push the fund's total balance higher over the past several days, with financial support on track to surpassing well over $500,000 as of March 18.

The Leagues would like to thank and applaud credit union leaders, staff, and volunteers across California and Nevada who have upheld a longstanding mission of people helping people by donating to this worthy cause.

“This is just one example of why credit unions exist — to take care of their members and so many others within the communities they serve,” Dykstra added. “We are proud of our California League and Nevada League boards and our credit unions, and we are honored to be involved in such a noble worldwide effort.”

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