So Long, Passwords and Security Questions


The demand for innovative solutions by credit union members is getting stronger every day. Tapping to order products online, book healthcare appointments, and have food delivered is the common expectation today. Employee and member experiences suffer with repeated out-of-wallet questions to prove identity⁠, and it can lead to a frustrated service moment.

Showing a driver’s license or passport is not possible in every channel. Even in-branch, asking valued members to produce a form of physical identification and answer a series of identification questions disconnects their experience.

Digital authentication technology provides verified identification for member­⁠—over the phone, online, and in-person⁠—skipping the repetitive identity questions and allowing credit unions to really know their members.

What is Digital Authentication? How Does it Work?

Digital authentication technology allows member to enroll through a simple one-time process on their mobile phone, without any downloaded apps, passwords, or special programs required.

The plug-and-play, app-less technology verifies user identity through a secure web portal, registering a cryptographic key on the user’s authenticated device. Every interaction can be biometrically verified across any channel.

After the short enrollment process, members have a secure and verified digital identity. It integrates with any service channels, so when a member contacts via phone, online chat, video teller at an ITM, or in-person, the identification can be verified⁠ without giving away any private info. Staff no longer have to act like detectives.

Similar to TSA pre-check, it is a secure and simple way for members to bypass repetitive security questions and get right to the services and support they need. 

Benefits of Digital Authentication for Credit Unions

Providing members with a consistent, private, and portable way to verify their identity enhances the digital experience by putting an end to frustrating and repetitive sharing of personal information.

It eliminates the need to ask members for their social security number, first pet’s name, or second child’s favorite birthday cake flavor every time they require services.

Digital identity authentication creates efficiencies, cutting down on call times and in-person wait times, improving both user and member experience.

A Cost-Effective & Secure Solution

Digital authentication reduces fraud with real-time, biometric verification and lets everyone know that your institution takes its security seriously.

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Article provided by FTSI, a California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues business partner.