Each year, the California and Nevada Leagues honors a distinguished industry leader/volunteer during the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues’ REACH Conference. These awards include:

  • League Awards

    • Leo H. Shapiro Lifetime Achievement Award
    • Distinguished Service Award
    • J. Alvin George Outstanding Volunteer Award
    • Tomorrow’s Star Award
    • Kim Bannan Eternal Flame Award (Shapiro Credit Unions)
    • Social Impact Award
  • PAC Awards
  • Chapter Awards



The deadline for all nominations is Aug. 12, 2022
To view past League Award Winners, click here 


L-R: Matt Kershaw, Board Chairman of the Nevada Credit Union League; Diana Dykstra, President and CEO of the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues; Bill Cheney, President and CEO of SchoolsFirst FCU and recipient of the 2021 Leo H. Shapiro Lifetime Achievement Award; and John Cassidy, Past Board Chairman of the California Credit Union League.


Leo H. Shapiro Lifetime Achievement Award

This is the League’s highest honor, recognizing excellence in credit union philosophy and a lifetime of contributions to the California credit union movement. It is named after Leo H. Shapiro, father of the California credit union movement and founder of the League.

Distinguished Service Award

Recipients of the League’s Distinguished Service Award are honored for service to the credit union community outside the usual scope of employment at a credit union, and beyond the scope of their chapter.

J. Alvin George Outstanding Volunteer Award

This award honors significant contributions by people who serve credit unions in volunteer capacities, such as a director or committee member. It was renamed in 2013 in honor of the long-time credit union volunteer, J. Alvin George, who passed away that same year.

Tomorrow’s Star Award

The League’s Tomorrow’s Star Award recognizes the achievements by young credit union professionals age 35 and under.

Social Impact Award

Recognizes individuals and credit unions that demonstrate an unyielding dedication to building stronger communities and improving members’ lives through actions such as financial education, wellness, social responsibility, mentorship, and/or diversity, equity, and inclusion practices.


Kim Bannan Eternal Flame Awards

These awards recognize efforts that contribute to the success and future of Shapiro Group credit unions, and are named after the League’s late vice president of credit union development and research and information. 


Chapter Award of Excellence

Winners are recognized for their immense contributions to their chapters.

For questions regarding the League Awards program, please contact Cindy Tullues-Peterson.


2022 CUNA Awards


CUNA's National Award programs recognize distinguished credit unions which demonstrate social responsibility (the Dora Maxwell Award), the credit union philosophy (the Louise Herring Award), and financial education (the Desjardins Awards).


The submission deadline for 2022 has ended.


Dora Maxwell Award

The Dora Maxwell Award is given to a credit union or chapter for its social responsibility projects within the community. (The award is given for external activities). Examples include:

  • Raising funds for charity
  • Educational activities
  • Community involvement projects, such as a volunteer fair, building low-income housing, or loaning employees a few hours a week to work in hospitals, retirement homes, schools, etc.

Louise Herring Award

The Louise Herring Award is for involvement in almost any kind of activity that helps other people or strengthens the structure of a community. (The award is given for internal programs and services that benefit membership.) Examples include:

  • Provisions for the small saver or borrower
  • Member programs for groups that are often economically challenged
  • Internal programs or services that help to differentiate the credit union from other financial services' providers
  • Programs that do an extraordinary job of encouraging thrift and provide a source of unbiased money management and consumer information, which would be difficult or impossible to obtain elsewhere.
  • Evidence of an exceptional degree of service to members

Desjardins Youth Award

The Desjardins Youth Award includes all activities to teach personal finance to youth (under 18).The Desjardins Adult Award includes all activities to teach personal finance to adults (over 18).